FragMental Storm 02

<System Requirements>
Windows 98, 2000, XP
MacOS 9.X / OS X
Internet connection
* FMS02 doesn't work properly if your computer is connected to the Internet via proxy server.

1) Launch FMS02. Click on the opening title to start.
2) Enter a keyword at the top left of the screen and push [Enter].
(Instead of a keyword you can enter a URL address beginning with "http://")
After a short time images and text from web sites found using your keyword appear on screen.
3) If you click on an image or word on the screen, FMS02 will look for link in the HTML file accompanying that image or word. It will then jump to those new links, and seek out images and words from them. If you click on the URL at the bottom left of the screen your browser will launch and the current page will be displayed conventionally.

FragMental Storm [Macintosh OSX] (1.6MB)
FragMental Storm [Macintosh OS9.x] (1.6MB)
FragMental Storm [Windows 98, 2000, XP] (1.6MB)

- The author bears no responsibility for any losses or damages whatsoever occurring as a result of this software. This software is used entirely at the user's own risk.
- At certain times, and without notice, FMS may not function.

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