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The Terminal for Pilgrimage  - Nimes -
April 24 to 28, 2007

"Fragmented portrait  - a travel to restore"

"The Terminal for Pilgrimage" is an installation connects the city of France "Nimes" and the internet. The installation was presented as a part of the event "L'EXPERIENCE JAPONAISE" from April 24 to 28, 2007.

On the installation, four photo booths which you can take portrait at are installed in the city of Nimes (Theatre: Théâtre de Nîmes / Museum: Carréd'Art / Art school: Ecole des Beaux- Arts / Shopping Mall: La Coupole des Halles). At the photo booth, you cannot take a photo and print of your face in full. You can get only a part of image at each booth. If you visit all four booths and take a photo and print over and over, then a portrait will be completed. The portrait is divided along road of the city, so participant walks for connecting the scattered city and yourself through different time and space. It's an experience like the pilgrimage to reflect on yourself.

Furthermore, the fragments of portrait which are taken at each booth will be remixed on the web. The portrait which is made up of different people's will appear on the symbol of Nimes "Maison Carrée" and will come up in the public space as a "new face of the city" beyond each individuality.

1. Visit the place where the photo booth stands. *Refer to the guide map

2. Take a photo and print your face according to the instruction on the display.

3. Visit other photo booth to take a photo and print on the same paper.
*After you print at all four booths, you can get an URL to see your portrait also on the internet.

The fragments of portraits taken at each booths will be uploaded and mixed on the web site and exposed on the wall of the "Maison Carrée". *start from 8:30pm at the Maison Carrée (April 24 to 28).

The Terminal for Pilgrimage by exonemo

Théâtre de Nîmes
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