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Place Mix Camera

Place Mix Camera is an iPhone camera application to take photo of mixed two places, one place is where you're standing and another place is where you want to be.
This application brings you an experience like traveling in two places at the same time.

By selecting a place, photos which are tied with the location information of that position will be downloaded automatically from the internet then it will be blended with the preview image of your camera.

Along with your move, your position on another place you selected will also change by synchronizing with your GPS location. New photos will be searched and blend constantly by updated location information.

Place Mix Cameraは、今いる「ここ」と「どこか」をミックスして、一枚の写真に納めることができるカメラアプリ。 二つの場所を同時に旅するような体験ができる、そんなアプリです。



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