EOF (series)
ミクストメディア (LCD display, LED light, Media player, video imagery) Mixed media (LCD display, LED light, Media player, video imagery)
手の中にはスマートフォン、街中にはモニターが溢れ、あらゆるものが”Frame”越しに世界とつながってきた現状に対して、あえてその境界線の意味を問いただしている。ブルースクリーンは、モニターに映像が送られてこない ”No Signal” を表し、またPCでは致命的なエラーが発生した時に現れる。青く照らし出すスクリーンは、重大なことが起こっている可能性や向こうの世界との断絶、つまり「何かの終わり」を想起させる。これは、Faramedされたこの世界の慰霊碑のようでもあるが、その光は、現実世界を照らすことによって、次の始まりを予感させるのだ。
Today we are rarely without our framed portals to the on-line world: Smart phones in hand, we reference monitors throughout public space, at work, and in every room at home. In EOF, the entire monitor screen radiates blue, with LED lights emanating from behind. The iconography of a blue screen is that your monitor is disengaged. In video a blue screen means "no signal". On your PC it might mean that a "fatal error" has occurred. A blue-lit screen suggests a momentous event, a disruption to one's informational regime, an end to something. Bereft the visual data typically associated with monitors, and back-lit to highlight their materiality, the monitors' metal frames, their function in framing our relationship to information is highlighted. EOF questions the borders between the natural world, the resources and labor required to create and sell monitors, and the on-line world which seamlessly connects each and every one of them. EOF functions as both a cenotaph of one's framed and orderly world, and at the same time provides a beautiful light of anticipation, and new beginnings.
2017 Milk on the Edge (hpgrp Gallery , New York, USA)
2017 Milk on the Edge (hpgrp Gallery , New York, USA)