5.11 START 予定 Money Finder

This game was developed in coordination with "Money after Money"*1, the exhibition meant to challenge the way we think about money, held in the GYRE building in Harajuku, Tokyo.

The purpose of this game is to walk outside and use the app's map to pinpoint and find virtual money, or "MaM"※2, that is scattered around in different places.

After collecting MaM and making it your own, those playing the game can "bury" it in a new place for others to find.

When you find and collect MaM, a real time video of yourself is sent to the player who buried MaM,and thus the player who buried MaM can see who found and collected it.

In other words, in exchange for showing yourself, you can receive MaM.
In exchange for your MaM, you can see who is receiving it.

Take this app, go outside, and try out this communication game.

*1 Money After Money : May 2nd, 2013 (Thurs) ~ May 26th, 2013 (Sun) EYE OF GYRE+Ometesando. Held in and around the GYRE building. Details→
*2 "MaM"is the virtual money used for the game, made in accordance with the exhibition. "MaM" does not have any real currency value.

Money Finder

Money Finder とは

東京, 原宿にあるGYREにて開催される、お金について考えることがテーマの展覧会「Money After Money」展※1に合わせて開発されたゲームです。






※1 Money After Money:2013年5月2日(木)~26日(日)、EYE OF GYRE+表参道GYRE館内および周辺エリア 詳細→
※2 「MaM」は展覧会に合わせて設定された仮想的なゲーム内ポイントです。実際の貨幣価値とは関係ありません。