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FragMental Storm for iPhone from exonemo on Vimeo.

FragMental Storm - Web "Cut-up" Browser
by exonemo

"FragMental Storm" is a software that searches web with any keyword and makes collage with the result images and texts in realtime.
This iPhone version is translated from the PC version released in 2000.
The iPhone version has additional features as follows:

- iPod Sync
Starts shuffle play from your iPod library and search with the artist and track names. Music and screen images are synchronized (for iPhoe OS 3.0 and above.)

- Location Sync
Tracks your movement and synchronizes with addresses found from your GPS location data.

And... Flickr and Twitter searches are added. Enjoy cut-up browsing with brand new "FMS".

This software does not guarantee any correct result. To enjoy flashy screen effects and combination of the rondomness of web searches, we recommend this software not for everybody but for people who realize that point.

FragMental Storm - Web"幻覚"ブラウザ
by exonemo


- iPod Sync
iPodライブラリをシャッフルプレイしながら、再生されている曲のアーティスト名・タイトルで検索した結果と連動するモード(iPhone OS 3.0以上)

- Location Sync